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I am living and working at Fayoum Art Center, which is in Tunis, a village bordering the Northern Sahara 150 south west of Cairo. It has hosted resident artists since it was opened in 2006 by the Egyptian painter Mohamed Abla. It is now run by his children, Ibrahim, a cinematographer and Noura, a curator. I will be here for eight months, working on a series of papier mache sculptures with the working title the Embraces. Now and again,  Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre, London, will make a profile about the project’s progress on their webpage. You can see the interview we did just before I came here. When the investigation is finished (probably in the autumn of 2019), Noura will curate an exhibiton of the works in Cairo.


After completing a Masters of Fine Art from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden (2015-7), I was awarded the Assistant Stipendier by IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholm. I worked with Nina Canell for six months in Berlin, and then with Michael Beutler in Råby , Sweden, to prepare the public art festival Råby Planet.